Shirt with elasticated hem

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"AGRA ART GALLERY" is located in the heart of the city of The Taj Mahal, AGRA (INDIA). It was established in the year 2004. The gallery is surrounded with beautiful lush green trees which brings charm to the customers as soon as they arrive . It is a multipurpose gallery which deals in a large variety of marble inlaid tables, i.e, coffee tables, cocktail, dining & conference tables, chess tables, marble inlaid decorative elephants, flower vase's & pots, plates & tiles, photo frames, statues, jewellery boxes, coaster sets, wine sets, scenery on marble with inlaid stones, magnets , ash trays, replica of the Taj mahal & other wonders of the world. It also trades in wood handicraft statues and beautiful modern & ethinic jewellery .

All these products and masterpieces are hand made with the perfection of artistic skills & creativity by generations of artists who were involved in the construction and design of the Taj mahal. The work on the products are a representation of the work done on & in the famous Taj mahal. Customer service is one of the biggest priorities of AGRA ART GALLERY. We recognize the difference between mass and class , making sure that you receive goods which are of superior and genuine quality. 100 % quality assistance is given on behalf of a guarantee certificate which means that all goods purchased at our gallery by customers & business are served with a certificate of product genunity guaranteed. We are also a leading approved government exporter. All our products shipped are 100 % insured with top quality insurance providers and great care is taken in packaging. we use courier services through DHL , UPS , FEDEX , QUICKSILVER. As soon as a product is shipped we provide the client with the tracking number of airway/seaway bill so that they can track their shipment in real time.

we are in regular touch with the clients till he/she receives the shipment as expected being fully satisfied . The sales & after sales service team are highly educated and monitored as they help our guests easily in selecting products as per individual taste & requirement. The demonstration of how the product is made is explained in our factory with fluency in English, French, Spanish , Italian, Russian, Japanese.

We have had people visit us from all over the world who after witnessing the beauty of this art have found great appreciation for it . We, have been highly rated by trip advisor , getting excellent reviews from our guests being the most happening place & must visit places to see in Agra, India . IQ holiday has also rated us the first of all galleries to visit in Agra after the taj Mahal. It is atleast once in a lifetime gallery to see and experience the beautiful, elegant traditional, modern art & the way it is made during your visit to the "TAJ MAHAL". Therefore , one can always find a unique souvenir for his family and loved ones.


AGRA ART GALLERY has a large variety of jewellery made with precious & semi precious stones in gold, silver, white gold , platinum such as rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, broaches, etc . we offer oriental & modern jewellery in diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emerald & all other semi precious stones. The gallery also offers loose stones and individual diamonds which are of genuine quality and certified with a guarantee certificate. We also make jewellery with the same stones used in the Taj mahal. All the designs are in house designs with the gallery having its own personal designers catering to personal orders

Other Handicrafts

AGRA ART GALLERY also exhibits a limited number of wooden handicraft in the form of wood statues of different gods people worship. Various forms of wood are used to also make animal structured statues such as peacocks, elephants, etc. One of our famous product is "the laughing buddha". We also offer a replica of the Tajmahal in wood on demand & various mughal activities of the 17th century on canvas, paintings, jewelled carpets, wood sculpture, T-shirts, Indian Sarees, bed sheets, pashmina shawls, scarfs & many more.

Marble Inlaid Products

These famous marble inlaid articles and masterpieces are made by very skilled artist on our premises . It is made through a very famous and traditional process known as " parchinkari" . It is an art passed down from generation to generation during the inception of the Taj mahal. All the artist have been handed down this art from forefathers who learnt this art from craftsmen of the mughal dynasty. "Parchinkari" refers to the art of inlaying semi precious stones into marble by hand and no machine. It is a very traditional process which began in India in the early 17th century with shah jahan being its patron and pioneer. It involves shaping small pieces of semi precious stones in the form of leaves, flowers, petals, animals, etc and fitting them together so they look like one complete plant / flower / animal, or any other shape the artist intends it to look like . Semi precious stones are amber, turquoise, jade, lapis lazuli , mother pearl, etc.

The marble is then chiselled to make space for the stones to set in. The chiselling is done with a pointed & flat chiseller made of iron. After the stones have been grinded & shaped on the grinding wheel the glue is applied into the curved out space and the stones are set into the designed gaps on the marble . In the end a final polish is given for a protective shine & a piece of art of the history is revealed giving your home and business a unique and elegant view as to which you can cherish upon with pride & honour to have a beautiful piece of art which is handmade and found in the city of "The Taj Mahal" Agra, India.